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The Chief is pure and honest acoustic rock/folk rock. Inspired and influenced by artists such as Neil Young, Bob Dylan aswell as Noel Gallagher or Eddie Vedder

Started back in 1996 in a Punkband called "The Tumbling Monks" he started performing as a solo-artist in 2004. Following his own rules and as a multiinstrumetalist he released 11 self-produced records, including 4 Live-Albums. Beside this he produced 3 movies to visualize his first 3 records, a Tourdocumentary and several  Tourdiaries (Video)

In 2014 he had his 10yrs anniversary, the 100th Show and realeased his latest record called "Folk Apocalypse". This record was featured and reviewed on Radio-stations all over the US and Europe. Highly recommended in sweden by SKRUTT-Magazine and blogger Robex Lundgren.

In 2015 he supported the british "Uke-Punk"-Band "The Pukes" on their Tour in Germany, which was enjoyed by "Vom" Ritchie by "The Toten Hosen"

In 2017 he supported several international acts such as "The Antagonziers ATL" (USA) and "Radical Radio" (Argentina) on their european tour.

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