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Hi there guys! Hope you´re all good and stay safe! While this planet goes to hell I tried to get a tour for 2021...forget it! Most of the venues don´t know if they´re still existing next year. write songs and work on my recording and mixing skills. Talking bout mixing skills....I did a little remix for Ryan Bruces Band "Dragged Under". Check out my official "The Hardest Drug" Remix including some of my vocals. Have Fun.

TOMORROW premieres my Live-DVD "The Chief Live at Culture Container, Berlin, 2018" Don t miss it on Youtube

It´s official! The EP "Drop The B...." is released and up on every streaming-device. F.e. on Youtube

Hi there! Long time no see...I was busy keeping up with my family and wrote music with my band. And so....come a a new EP! "Drop The B...." by The Bazooka Circus is about to be released. More soon, when it´s online. Vinyls are coming aswell. Happy distancing!

So...after the BGF X had to be cancelled due to my illness, I´m proud to announce the new date: It´s the 17th of november! Line-Up will be announced soon. Btw...The Chief has been at the Reeperbahn again. Watch the latest diary here or on YT. Cheers.

Hi there. First I wanna tell you that all the tourdiaries from the tour with Harrison Rimmer are online now. Aswell as the diary from Frankfurt and a nice procuced live-video of Save Me, shot during the Songslam. Second....I wanna apologize that, right after I pronounced Seeking Raven and Little Dead Boy to play, I had to cancel the BGF X just a day before. I got hit by a really mean gastroenteritis and couldn´t do the BGF at any circumstance. Sorry bout that, but I´m looking for another date, just to make it even. Take Care.

The things I´ve done over the last years seem to work out these days. I´m proud to pronounce that I´ll be on tour with british musician Harrison Rimmer in April! Be sure to check all the dates in the SHOWS section. I´ve been at the Musikmesse in Frankfurt this weekend for the first time and it´s been great. Talking with other musicians, companies who produce strings, pedals and distribute western music in China, really was a lot of fun. I tried to catch up with Glenn Fricker, but I didn´t see him. Instead I´d found Henning Pauly (aka EytschPi42), a friend of Glenn. It´s a really good place to make connetions and get into the "semi-"/"pro"-scene, but I guess you´ll have to be there everey year so this can work out at last. So I´ll have to be there for the next couple of years. Bye.

The eternal battle! The Chief vs. "Henning & Henschel" at the Songslam at Mergener Hof, Trier. Who´d won and how it all ended? See for yourself in the latest diary

WTF!?! 5 months since the last News-Update?! You may have realized that I´ve been updating this page but didn´t pu up some news. Well...been busy these days. Family takes time aswell as editing the 4 latest tourdiaries. You can check em out on  this page. One more is to come soon. Unfortunately I can´t say when I´ll be able to put up some subtitles, but I will...someday. Be patient. Be sure to check out all the latest Tourdates, which will be updated frequently. And during the next couple of days you´ll get some extra-content JUST FOR YOU GUYS. See ya!

Hey hey hey here´s the latest news! First: I got a name for my backing-band. It´s called "The Bazooka Circus". We already had out first gig at an Emergenza-Show in Bochum two days ago. Then there´re plenty of new shows added to next years tour, so be shure to check em out and be up to date. Then there´re the latest diaries. Unfortunately without any subs yte, cause I haven´t got the time to write em right now, but they´re coming. If you don´t really care about what I say you can watch the diaries of the show at the "Reidemeister" and "Dat Links" right now.  So....loads of news in short. stay tuned for more update and the first footage fo the Bazookas.

Quick update: The latest demo "Save Me", with full instrumentals, is online on Soundcloud NOW ;) Check it out in the MUSIC-section.

Well....time passes quickly these days....And there goes another month. So whta´s the news? At first: Me and my pals are up to play a show at the Emergenza-Contest at the 11th of November at the Trompete in Bochum. This is gonna be our first gig-appearance, so you better be prepared to watch us going down with waving flags. And I´ve recorded another , fully equipped, demo fo the latest song "Save Me" which is up soon. BUT you can watch me perform it in two different ways! The first one is a special bonusvideo (exclusively for visitors of this page!) of me during a rehearsal. And the other way is a "Live-Solo-Vid" with multiangle and stuff. so check em out. Be careful. Chief

Hey guys! Got some good and some bad news for ya. The good: The latest diary from the Garden Of Arts Festival is online and can be viewed in the vid-section or on YT. Adn there´re some gigs in the air, not set in stone yet, but will be pronounced soon. The bad ones: My Houseparty had to be cancelled, due to bad weather. It rained so hard, that it´s impossile to set up a lighted stage in my backyard. Sorry guys, but I will reschedule it.

Here´s a little news for you. During the last few weeks there´de been loads of reorganising and travelling. Capelle-Festival just got expanded to two weeks  of party and muic and the gig in Bassen got canecelled. I´m sorry, but there´s no other way. Here´s a little tourdiary from Capelle,  a bit spartanic, but nice anyway. Enjoy it on YT or here.

I´m proud to tell you that the first 4 dates for 2018 ar set in stone! It´s 3 times Berlin and one gig Hamburg at the Reeperbahn! Are you as excited as I am? Tp celebrate this progress and as a little teaser for the first show with band in´s a little rehearsal-vid (ONLY for YOU who visit this page)

I just wanted to let you know that ALL the Tourdiaries got their subtitles! Feel free to enjoy all the madness again....and understand what that bearded villain is talking about AND There two shows online on Youtube! The Chief LIVE at ZecheCarl, Essen, and The Chief LIVE at The TUBE, Düsseldorf. Both gigs took plac earlier this year during the "Pretty Wise Men - Tour". And I´m working on the next years tour-booking...stay tuned.

Hey there! Hope you guys enjoy the EP and spread the words. To enlight your eyes and ears I got the brand new Tourdiary online! You can watch it, as usual, on YT or in the vid-section..


P.S. JUST for all you guys out there who visit my homepage: Broken (rehearsal-recordings)

Good news everybody! Pretty Wise Men is released by now. You can get it on every streaming-website you know. Here´re just the big sites: Spotify , GooglePlay , ITunes , Amazon

All the latest diaries are online aswell and can be seen on YT or in the vid-section. And now that I got Internet again, I work on all the subs for the latest diaries. So stay tuned and keep listening to my EP. Cheers.

Breaking News: The latest tourdiaries are online on Youtube and I´ll be playing again at the great Garden Of Arts Festival in Essen on Sep. 2nd. Cheers.

Hi there guys! Just another quick one to tell you what´s going on with The Chief. Since two weeks I´m without any internet at home and have to go to my old one to use it. That´s why I got a lack of giving you quicker news. That will remain for a couple of weeks patient. I just had a couple of gigs during the last few weeks and the diaries are online now. The subs will follow as soon as possible. Watch em without subs in the vid section. Cheers.

A quick one! Subs for the "Don´t Panic Diary" are online on YT. The subs for the BGF-Diary´re online,too.

A few words about the last Burning Guitars Festival ever:

At first I´d like to thank this years acts for their performances and bringng so many people to the BGF, who caused a good vibe and atmosphere.

Thanks to the Bearded Villains (Chapter Germnay) for beeing there that night. It really ment a lot to me. You guys were great!

I was overwhelmed by all those best wishes and gifts I got for my new born son. Was quite speechless for a while. What  really blew my mind was the fact that "Lupo", bassplaer from Compulsive Gambling, came all the way from Hamburg just to say Hi and congratulate me. Your´re awesome, dude.

"Max" (a.k.a. "Sky") made it there aswell, despite the fact that he´s really ill and doesn´t go to shows anymore....well he made it this day! ATB to you, bro!

And don´t forget about TOM, who´s the glue to my world and invites me every year to his festival, introduced me to so many nice people. He´s th Bellybutten of the world, as I know it.

As I told you it´s been the last BGF ever.

Nine BGFs in eleven  years really rocked my world and every event was a rollercoaster-ride.

Nine BGFs in eleven years!? Yep. The third BGF was supposed to be great. A milestone in the history of the BGF. Great location with everything a Festival needs: BBQ, Partyarea, showarea with live music, cocktails... you name it. But...the acts didn´t bring any fans to their gig so I made no money and had to pay 2k at last.  Totally broke the BGF had to pause for a few years.

The consequences were...a new location where I don´t risk any money or got to pay anything. So I moved the BGF to the Unperfekthaus, Essen.

Thanks to the UPH for four great years and evenings.

That´s it....stay goldy and maybe we´ll see us again.


You can watch the last diary here...or on YT. Your choice.

You gotta be spontanious these days! As spontanious the gig in Meschede was, as spontanious came the gig at the Don´t Panic on March 24th. In just a few hours  i got asked, answered and gave the ok and it all started. Real fun. And Thanks to the Antagonizers from Atlanta for beeing part of their gig. AND...i took some live-footage! Not like the last gig in Meschede, where I forgot to start the camera. You can enjoy the diary HERE or on YT. Take care. Cheers

What´s up!? It´s been really busy over the last few days and I´ve done a LOT! First I did an acoustic cover by Radioheads "Karma Police". Then there´s Glenn Fricker from SMG in Canada who called out to all musicians to cover old songs that everybody knows, heard too much over the last decades, and hates. So I took one of the songs that come in mindwhen someone asks you about Neil Young: "Heart Of Gold". has to be a METAL-version. Check these new tunes out on YT only.

So guys...a new diary is online now. It´s a bit short, but captures all the energy from my set. You can enjoy it, as usual, HERE or on YT. Have e great time.

A new week´s coming and there´s much stuff for you in progress! First I got asked for to give an Interview for the german blog "Musifiziert", And two...there´s a new tourdiary coming up with loads of live-footage of me show at CafeFee, Essen. Until this is uploaded, feel free to read the interview, if you can read german. ATB.

Interview can be found HERE

Hi there. Just before I hit the road again this weekend, I´d like to tell you that there´s last summers show at Jack´s, Bochum, online. Complete!. AND with excellent sound due to soundboard-recording. Enjoy the complete gig on Youtube.

Yoyoyo....! The "Berlin-City-Tour" is growing! It´s got a new date at the Ofen-Bar. Check it out in the "shows-section". After it got a bit quiet bout the band-projekt, I can tell you that we started working on it, again. AND...maybe we got our first gig scheduled, what´s about to be a big bang. It´s not really set in stone, curious. See you.

Hey guys! Just wanna let you know that the last two diaries finally got their subtitles! Enjoy the madness. All The Best.

Again so many days passed by...I can´t tell what happened these days, but..the last diary from 2016 is online (subs soon). You can enfind it, as usual, in the vid-section or directly on Youtube. The first diary in 2017 is online aswell and can be found in the new vid-section or, surprise, on Youtube. There´re loads of new shows scheduled shure to check all the dates in the shows-section. I´m working really hard on the release of my EP and I hope it´s done this year. So...stay tuned.

Hi there...I just want you to know that the latest diary, from Nordpol in Schwelm, is online NOW. You can watch it here or on YT. The other diary from Bassen will be up after X-Mas. So...Merry X-Mas. Peace.

And again ...two weeks gone by since the last update. What happened? The "Berlin-Tour" got another date and is growing. Then there´re three gigs during the last weeks. One at the FZ-Süd for the SofaSounds-Series, together with Abormal End and Jaana Redflower (Diary HERE or THERE! Subs will come soon...) and the second one was at Nordpol in Schwelm, with other long time pals, like Mütze Liedermacher. The diary or this is coming during this week. Last, but not least I played a show yestderday for my friends in Bassen, near Bremen. It´s really exhausting BECAUSE I had to work that day, drove all the 260 km after finishing, played the show, had a few drinks and food and had to drive all the way back then and go to work AGAIN. Man am I tires!?! I can tell....he diary from that show will probably be finished after X-Mas. SO...I gotta sleep now, after beeing awake for 48 hrs... sleep tight, buddies!

Long time, no see. Like this summer I´ll be touring in Berlin! So I´ll be touring throughout the complete country! North, South, West and East. The Artwork for the upcoming EP "Pretty Wise Men" is ready to go and I just need to produce a video for it. Hope I´ll get the CD and Vinyl done until May 2017. Stay tuned.

The cancelled gig, Oct. 1st., is about to be rescheduled on the 4th of March. I´m really happy that it turned out that well. See you there.

Hi there. What should I say? It´s a real pain in the ass to set a date for a show and then, just before the show, you´re NOT in the Line-Up! Screw it! Always nice to work with "Pros". So the next two shows are cancelled, 10.13. and 11.7.. This happened to Seeking Raven earlier this year as he was planned on the KGB-shows. They seem to care less abou musicians on their shows, and that´s a drag. Sorry, but it´s not my fault. BUT now you can watch the latest diaries subbed! Enjoy.

First gig in bavaria. So you gotta make an extra-long diary. THX to the team from the Gestern. Watch it HERE or THERE....

After two really lovely evenings at the F:O:S 2016 and the "Gestern", the first diary is online (UK-subs coming soon!) and can be seen HERE or directly on Youtube. Although it´s a bit short it captures the feeling and spirit of that Festival quite well. Thx to Steve Lausberg, from Return Of Rock Radio, for the additional footage. Bye for now... last here they are! The subtitles of the diaries. Enjoy (Links are in the last news)

It´s been a long time since the last news came it is in a short version:

Next year I´m NOT going to play so many gigs as this year, due to the fact that I got a new job and become a father in april 2017! Lucky me.

Few gigs got cancelled this year and few new gigs came. Gigs like the F:O:S: 2016, where I played last year, aswell as an arrangement for the parties by the Nordland Germany Harley Club, in Bassen. All the gigs 2016 can be found HERE.

The new band, which is formed by ex member of the "Cowgirls" will be called "The Chief and The Steamers". I´m very excited ´bout how it´s gonna be to play my songs with a band.

That´s it in short terms...

Watch the latest Tourdiaries HERE on on Youtube  (Nordland HC / Capelle)(UK-Subs will be up soon).

Hey guys...I know..I told you that the decision/news about the "Cowgirls In The Sand" will be announced in late august, but things went really fast and weird, aswell as completely wrong, so we decided to split up. The gig at the "Musiksommer" in Bochum is cancelled. I personally will continue to work with some of these guys and we´ll be touring next year a a band to promote the upcoming EP "Pretty Wise Men". Sorry for those "bad" news, but things happen. Cheers.

Hey! The extra-long Tourdiary from the "Bochum-TOTAL"-Streetfestival ist online! We played roundabout 3 hrs. and the day was exhausting. According to too much alcohol and bad manners by our wasted vocalist, we made a decision. What kind? You´ll get to know in late august. Watch the diary HERE or on YT.

Hihi! There´s a new diary online! A new one? NOW!? YES! There´s an empty slot on a songslam in Moers and I´s the first to call "dips". You can see what happened oin the vid-section or on YT. The paper "Rheinische Post" wrote a little article about that for yourself. I´m outta here and heading towards the Bochum TOTAL-Festival. CU.

Hey Rusties! The latest Tourdiary can be watched HERE or THERE. Enjoy the subs.

Heyheyhey! Wake up! Summerbreak´s over! A lot happened since the last entry in this section, but I kept on working hard for you guys. There´re loads of new gigs up for you, aswell as some gigs for 2017. Yes...2017! Early Bird, you know... So be sure to check out all the dates in the Shows-Section . The tourdiary from the last gig at the MC Wanderratten can be watched in the vid-section and directly on Youtube aswell. Unfortunately I forgoot to turn on the camera before entering the stage. So I just had one song for the diary. But it was great fun there and Iove coming back next year for their 25th anniversary.Then there was the Gig at Jack´s in Bochum. I directly drove all the 400 km down south to Bochum for the get-in. After this exhausting ride it was a pretty good gig after all. The other acts were great and it´s been real fun hanging round with Nadine Blida and "MAY". What else happened there? See for yourself when the diary´s online. Bye for now, guys.

YAY! After my car broke down on the way to the last gig, it all worked out pretty well. BIG THANKS to Carsten and his wife Cathi for the sleepover and dogsitting. It eally was a pleasure to meet you. What happened during the show? Take a look in the diary on YT or in the vid-section.

Due to the fact that it´s quite hot out there and nobody wants to be in a hot pub with bad air, or even on stage, I decided to have a little break during the next 4 weeks. A lot of great shows´re coming up and I gotta practice a lot more with the band, the cowgirls. SO...see you on the road in 4 weeks. Keep Cool.´s newstime! What shall I say? Berlin was a rollercoaster-ride! Supporting acts cancelled, then replaced...and then cancelled again! And due to the fact that there was the DFB-Cup-Finals, equal to the FA-Cup, and really good weather, noone came down the stairs to the basement of that first location to see the show. Shit happens. Next day in Berlin I had a support from england. Yay! Brendan Lewes shared the stage with me dureing the night at the DODO. The some new Gigs were set. See all next shows on the site SHOWS and see what happened all the last 2 weeks in the diaries!

Say WHAAAT!? New shows coming up! Just a week before I leave for Berlin! First show´s in Essen in oktober and the next will be with the Cowgirls In The Sand in Bochum at the biggest Streetfestival in germany: BOCHUM TOTAL! Beside such acts as Culcha Candela or Jupiter Jones the Cowgirls will enter the stage at 10 pm at the Mandragora! Right in the Bermuda3Eck! Better be there on time because it´s going to be a crowded house! Ride on!

It was a hell of a party, last weekend! The 25th anniversary of the Sittenstrolche MC in Sittensen was great. I played a set that mainly contained covers of rock-classics aswell as some own stuff. After my set I was asked to join the band "The Pirates" for their I did. It sure was great fun. Thanks to everyone who came to the northern country to celebrate. Sneak a peek of what happened HERE or in the Vid-Section.

Glenn Fricker, from Spectre Media Group in Canada, called out to write a funny metal-tune and offers a "Solar V"-Guitar by Chapman. So I took my chances and made a song and a video. Enjoy it HERE or HERE. Have fun!

Here it is!! The latest Tourdiary! All about the Burning Guitars Festival 8! Enjoy it HERE or in the video-section.

What happened the last two weeks? Here´re the answers!

First I´s asked spontaniously to play a gig at the youth-centre in Essen-Heising on April 9th. So I did. It was a nice, pleasant, evening and everybody enjoyed the music. The Tourdiary I produced was online, then replaced on Youtube because a label claimed I´d publish and use their material for making money without permission! WTF!?! So I started to negotiate and the video is back up again. For how long? I can´t tell. You can watch it HERE or in the video-section.

Then there´s the Burning Guitars Festival 8 at the Unperfekthaus, Essen... The Curse of that festival stroke again as the band Kontrollpunkt decided not to play a few hours before the show, aswell as Kaiser Franz showed up way too late. Just about Stage-Time! Well these guys know how to chill me.... Last but not least we´d some technical problems with our livestream. At last we could do an audiostream of the evening. Sorry bout that!

A BIG THANKS goes to Mosquito Mashup who saved the day by bringing their Drumkit, which was supposed to come with Kontrollpunkt, putting on a livestream themselves on theri Facebook-Page and managing the sound for the other acts. Guys...YOU´RE GREAT!!!

Diary´s coming tuned.

Hi there, little rusties...It´s been a hell of a weekend! Last weekend I went to the  Another-Level-Studios in Kaarst, owned by Amadeus Sektas. I was accomanied by my dear friends Phil (Blind Pilots) on drums and Janos (Seeking Raven) on solo-guitar. Amadeus (a.k.a. Slash of the Rhinelands) did 2 solo-tracks, too! Without these guys it´d have been impossible to record 5 songs in 4 days! THANK YOU GUYS! YOU really rock! It´s a pleasure to work with guys whon can play to a metronome, knew their parts, and were prepared for everything! You can see the subbed Tourdiary in the Video-Section or directly on Youtube. Enjoy

There it is! The latest Tourdiary. Unfortunately a short one, but I hope you´ll enjoy it anyway. As usual..with subs. Watch it on Youtube or in the "Tourdiary"-Section.

It´s been only a few hours til this page got an englis version and here come the first news!

Last show in Dortmund has been quite nice. As usual I made a little diary you can find in the "Videos"-section or direrctly on Youtube.It´s in german with subs.

Well, hi there. I welcome you to my english version of my homepage. Due to the fact that half the clicks come from the states or other english countries I decided to create an english version. On these pages you can find actual Tour-Dates, Pics, Music, Vids....etc., etc.. I´ll try to create subtitles to all the upcoming vids, maybe older someday too.

You can find the english content in the drop-down-menu marked by the "UK", like "News UK" or "Bio UK".

Enjoy this site and THANKS FOR ALL THE FISH!....I ment SUPPORT.



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